This site is about the agricultural endeavors on Broken Hill Farm, close to Magaliesburg, North West Province, South Africa. What started out as a vague idea, a disgruntlement with city living and a love of the outdoors, eventually became a functioning small farm.

I titled this site as dream lodge permaculture, since Dream Lodge is the guest lodge on the farm, and permaculture is what we eventually ended up doing.

It has not been easy, and we have failed or given up on various projects, but eventually through perseverance, some good and bad luck and the vast resources of the internet, we have expanded the lodge, are breeding  boer goats and are managing to produce chickens, ducks, fruits, nuts and vegetables, and are completely off grid.

I hope that these pages will be useful. I have referenced the sources I have used as far as possible, but the experiences are ours. We also did not set out to practice permaculture farming, but as time went by the principles started making more and more sense. Read this page to see how we have applied permaculture principles as we understand them : Permaculture

Who are we? Steve and Sam Savage, and our children Saffron and Jasmine.

Our lodge’s website is here :

Sam’s art website is here :

Steve’s geological database software can be found here : and geological consultancy here :

Comments are welcome, or you can contact us directly at or

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