Tying Up Tomatoes


This year we will have our best tomato crop ever! We spent the weekend tying up the plants to lift the fruit off of the ground. We actually left it too late as we managed to break quite a few branches off as they were alreafy too heavy with green tomatoes. I always use sisal string in the garden as it is biodegradable, and next season will be gone. (Rather than plastic string and wire everywhere).

Looking forward to harvesting fresh red tomatoes every day!

These we’re grown as seedlings and then planted out into out thick straw mulch bed. They survived the scorching temperatures over December and January and are now thriving in the recent rain we have had.




3 thoughts on “Tying Up Tomatoes

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  2. This is amazing. You guys rock! Would love to visit you at Dream Lodge. It’s my dream to get involved in this and get out onto a farm. We’re in Centurion. I think we must book with you and are you able to give us a tour of your farm? Thanks and regards Teresa Welthagen


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