Wild foods and medicines

Dream Lodge webpage_html_m3830f815As mankind moves off the land and into cities, we are losing some of the knowledge of our forefathers.  Which plants where safe to eat? What could you rub on a wound? How could you use the natural resources of the veld around you to survive?

While modern medicine has made magnificent strides in healing technology and research, I believe that there is a vast untapped resource in the African veld.  Ben Erik van Wyk touches on a few of these in his book “Medicinal Plants of South Africa”  a must have for anyone interested in the subject.  Unfortunately a lot of the information that previous generations took for granted, is now only available to those academics or herbalists who make great effort to study the field.

In this section, we will link some of the easy to use and low risk foods and medicines that even a city person can use.  PLEASE: Do ask for guidance to identify wild plants the first few times, as natural does not necessarily mean safe!

Veld Food on the Highveld for beginners