Clever Bird!  Crop killer.

A maize crop can be destroyed by Guinea-Fowl

Our Non-GMO maize was planted a little before the 30ml of rain we had a few weeks ago. With great anticipation, we watched the little shoots pop their heads out of the soil alongside the Cowpeas that we planted in the same field.  Nitrogen fixer with nitrogen user.  The little maize plants where just about 15cm high, when one morning, to our dismay, WE NOTICED THEY HAD BEEN PULLED OUT OF THE GROUND!!!  Every single one.images.jpg

It took careful observation to learn that the culprits where the Guinea-Fowl!  They have learnt over time that a young mielie plant has a big fat juicy seed below it!  They therefore pull out the plant, and hey presto! Breakfast appears.

We’re convinced that they prefer our Non-GMO seed to the genetically modified version next door….

The kids volunteered to build us a few reflector arrays with the hope of scaring them off for the next try.